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the most delicious sambal in Indonesian number 2

"Not everyone is able to make a tasty condiment." Statement that presumably very fitting for you fans of spicy cuisine with chilli sauce as a main dish. Various variants of bottled  chili sauce is now offered with typical spicy sambal cobek sensation.

"It's the most basic menu Sambal. Almost every meal includes Chili, "says Yayak justifying making sauce packaging. Yayak Eco Cahyanto (37) is the maker of Sambal Bu Susan from Bali in 2010. His brand was introduced to Sambal Sambal Bu Susan which is taken from the name of the wife of Yayak, Yeni Nur Susanty.

Condiment recipes Yayak creations inspired by the Balinese sambal matah which are then cooked the sauce so it last longer. Sambal matah cooked able to survive up to three days or a day longer than original. sambal matah

"Terenak No. 2 in Indonesia". That sentence is listed on the plastic bottled sambal Sambal branded Bu Susan. "Terenak number two because it was already number one soy sauce." Yayak start a business with a capital of Rp 300,000. Sambal with plastic cup packaging contents 100 ml dibanderol Usd 10,000 per cup. Because packaging cup often make chili sauce spilled, Yayak then switch to wear plastic bottle tightly and secure the contents of 150 ml. The price became more expensive, $ 22,500 per cup. Now, in one day, Yayak produce sambal 100 bottles or 3,000 bottles per month.

Yayak provides six variant of sambal chilli, the onion, anchovies, shrimp, anchovies, Huntersville, and shrimp paste. He wears a chilli from Klungkung on the recommendation of the Rojak seller she says most poignantly, while terasinya comes from Puger, Jember, East Java. Not only Bali, Sambal Bu Susan has also penetrated Jakarta, Bandung, and abroad. "I'm exploring opportunities contracts with supermarkets in Jakarta," said Yayak.
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