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Delicious, Fresh From the Oven

Sa'Pore Cake kitchen in Bebekan Street number 08 Kedungwuni offers a wide variety of modern cake that can be enjoyed directly from pemanggangnya aka fresh from the oven.

"We are providing various types of cake and cake fresh from the oven, modern," says store manager, Ali Musa (34).

Conceptualize it shops in such a way, so that consumers can see it when the construction was indeed a cake that cake is still warm. "Our cake is a cake fresh from the oven, so we made the cake directly here so that the cake is still warm. We make store like this with destination so that buyers can see firsthand our daily preoccupation with our homemade pastries, "he explained.

Mentioned it to serve a large party cake in order. Assisted with some of the employees, it is also ready to order a birthday cake
and the cake nikahan.

"In addition to the buy direct per unit, we also purchase ready to serve at once in large quantities. It means we are ready to accept orders in large party cakes. But for this we hope buyers contacting far-distant day, either by phone or direct. For cakes or ornamental cake as a birthday cake and wedding cake we are also ready to serve, "pungkasnya
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