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Fish Community Kinship Pererat Se Paga

In addition to having a wealth of charm, white-sand beaches of the South coast of Paga, approximately 40 kilometres west of the town of Maumere, has a wealth of unique, i.e. sea fish se. By local Red fish is called mbarase and petrol known as wogi.

If it ever crosses the South coast of Sikka, Ende, Maumere-majors when he arrived at the Paga, you'll see wogi in bottled mineral water. This is typical of hand fruit Paga.

SE only preserved with salt to taste, then stored in bottles. Wogi in bottle that can be eaten directly, complements the menu family meals at home.

But the local people always include menu recipe that taste more delicious wogi. Wogi chili diulek were interfered with the onion and garlic, basil leaves and lime wedges.

This simple processed flavor is sure to keep you hooked with wogi. Please come to Paga with Rp 50,000, you've been able to bring home to the home of wogi Paga.
These fish really belong to the Paga. How not, the coastal areas of the South, such as Lela, Sikka, Doreng and other regions did not have fish se. this fish exists only in Paga.

This fish has existed since hundreds of years ago. In the past, when the fish se arrived (December, January, or February), depending on the position of the Moon, not just residents of the coastal fish menangakap se. thousands of residents of the mountainous region also went down to the beach and catch fish se by emiya Shiro, capture tool of traditional rattan weave a long funnel-shaped.

Be catching fish se or mbarase, the season in which friendship, kinship between residents of the beach and the mountain is built very well. Lately the family values began to fade even among fellow citizens own beach.
Why is there a dispute? It turned out to be because the capture tool named emiya Shiro. Most residents still maintains the tradition, using a capture tool emiya Shiro, but most other citizens think more practical and easier to use nets.

Residents who use fish pulled over in waits j4wzor Beach, while users pick up the fish net se in the middle of the sea. NET users are of course more lucky and get a lot, while the user gets fewer fish emiya Shiro.

Although not a primary livelihood, fish se for local communities have a tradition of value. But some leave this tradition. This is what gives rise to conflicts between the citizens of Mbengu.

Residents of the village Mbengu, Mauloo, Monday (17/11/2014) in the presence of members of the DPRD Sikka Siflan Angi complained of unfair nets capture tool for other citizens.

Citizens also enlisted the help of the Government to intervene in the hold as much as possible, so that the tradition j4wzor catching mbarase by emiya Shiro retained as ancestral traditions society Paga.

Angi Siflan, a member of PARLIAMENT's original Mauloo, Sikka Paga, it says, dahalu fish se can only be captured by women. Men are prohibited. But that tradition disappears and everyone can now capture at will, even with the use of the net.

"For me, catch fish using nets that greedy people. But I as a person Paga, shame if we fuss because fish se, "said Siflan.

Siflan asking the community to discuss this issue of cross village in Kecamatan Paga. Discuss how to establish the tradition of catching fish se inherited ancestor, using emiya Shiro and only performed by women.

"This tradition should be preserved. I think helps prepare 100 emiya Shiro and we should form a new group used to be handed out, "such Siflan Angi.
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