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Mencicip Delicious Ramen Collaboration and donuts

In this modern age, seems to be increasingly popular hybrid creations in various fields ranging from automotive to food. Hybrid itself is a designation for the merger of the two types of objects which created the latest innovations. In the culinary world, a hybrid creations may be very popular is cronut which is a combination of a type of donut croissant and pastry created by a baker from New York.

Since then the  actuator until their culinary hobby revolves in the kitchen also participated in creating a series of new hybrid creations. Well, the latest and not less unique is created by a blogger from Los Angeles, United States named Josh Scherer, as reported by the pages of Culinary Bro-Down.

He published his latest creations recipes which he named ramnut that is a combination of a ramen and doughnuts. To make the ramnut, he does not use all purpose flour but rather a few packets of instant ramen noodles mixed with oil and eggs. Bread doughnuts were replaced with dough made from ramen has been boiled.

Once the dough is formed, ramen was put in freezer to harden. He then Chinese market in hot oil till it turns golden brown.

Uniquely, he continues to use a variety of donut toppings in General ranging from powdered sugar, cream, chocolate, cheese, meses up to custard. Just like a regular donut, he also gave a chocolate cream filling in the ramnut of his creation. So how does it feel? "This Ramnut feels thick, crispy and very tasty. I enjoy more delicious, "wrote Scherer in her blog.

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