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Yogya Canangkan Culinary Oil Free Jelantah

The City Health Department implemented a certification system
in order to regulate all activities of culinary activities involving business group class walk five to hospitality.

Certification refers to curbing the use of jelantah oil or oil used to FRY have been worn more than twice a very potentially pose health problems for consumers. Like trigger cancer and stroke due to blockage of blood vessels.

"For the first pilot project program culinary along Malioboro Street, and then spread to the restaurant, catering, and hospitality," said the head of the City Health Office Vita Yulia interrupted the groundbreaking of Malioboro as healthy culinary region, on Friday, November 21, 2014.

From the groundbreaking, a Board written marker signs ' Malioboro healthy without the use of cooking oil over and over again ' implanted in front of the offices of the Department of culture of DIY. The inauguration of the healthy   food that's done Vice-mayor Yogyakarta Priest Priyono. (Read: cooking while dancing a la Martion)

VITA said the certification made his coaching that is not stiff but still keep an eye on officers spread routine field even without bound sanctions if violations were found. Malioboro cross-legged or stalls in which orderly manage use of assessed oil suitable an appeal-jelantahnya used a maximum of two times the frying pan – will be given a special marker stickers.

"Sticker on the culinary stalls has been orderly and want sign of it being built directly for tourists in order to select which incoming secure category consumption in the process of cooking," said Vita.

For merchants who insist in the use of assessed jelantah, City Government only gives moral sanction that is not going to give a security marker sticker on his stall. "The moral Judgment that was more than enough," he said.

In the Malioboro area, including toll roads in it, spread over approximately 150 's culinary activity both during the day and night. "Of the total food traders there 30 's sizable and potentially put jelantah over and over again, can use more than five times," said representative associations of traders culinary Malioboro, Sogi Wiryanto.

Sogi adds culinary Malioboro, merchants have a particular pattern in managing oil gorengnya. Traders typically take (update) the oil every three days via courier subscription. "Five quarts of oil to once among the stalls in size small-medium," he said.
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