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Black Pasta Is a pioneer in Solo

If processed usually yellowish cream colored pasta, a restaurant in Solo, Central Java, innovating, the Black pasta Pasta.

As the name implies, this pasta is black. Black pasta chef works of The Sunan Hotel Solo is claimed is the first Solo.

As with any other pasta made from durum, semolina or flour, eggs and water are mixed and formed into noodles and seasoning cooked sauce. Black on Black squid ink Pasta is derived from which is mixed into the pasta dough.

Black Pasta menu has  several variants, namely Seafood Black Pasta, Tri Color and Scallop Char Creme Sauce, a Pasta de Monza Pappardele Served with Beef, Black Aglios'olio Pasta, Penne Pomodoro Black and Served with Tuna Loin, as well as Black Pasta Spaghetti and Chicken Provencal Served with ala Fungi SC.

Public Relations Manager of The Sunan Hotel Solo, Retno Wulandari, convey that the launch of this new menu allows to enrich the corpus of food and drink, and gave rise to new creations that are owned. "We are ready to respond to market dynamics with creativity and of course, quality human resources to be the key," said Retno in Solo, Wednesday (21/11/2014).

For those of you who are curious to taste the Black Pasta, this menu is available in the Indo Asian Dining Narendra The Sunan Hotel Solo, starting at 10.00 am to 22.00 pm. All kinds of menu Black Pasta dibanderol Rp48 range in the thousands per serving.
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