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Of Lontong Rusmini until Radja Meatballs.

Busy churning out a large pot Rusmini contains hot gravy. In front of him, some people waiting in line to sample the Meatball portion of dijajakannya. Yes, the name Rusmini getting bounced after food stalls with name ' Lontong Rusmini ' a lot of known people. This time it was different, he was hawking rice cake but the meatballs. But stick with the same expectations, the food dijajakannya of conduct and acceptable.

"The meatballs into food  bonuses I offer each there are festivals like this," he said in Jakarta served as Street Food Festival 14-30 November 2014, La Piazza, Kelapa Gading.

Everyday, Rusmini indeed peddling lontong sayur but if there's a Meatball festival hawker, making it easier for more favorable votes. "As the name ' R ', this being the meatballs meatballs with flavours such as taste of the King (the most delicious) and so my expectation was achieved. Many people who love and practice once, "says the woman birth 1967.

In the entry for the culinary festival, Rusmini could sell an average of up to 400 servings per day. One serving contains large meatballs Meatballs Radja uric option and fill the eggs, 4 meatballs small veins and one knows the contents of the meatballs and rice vermicelli.

A plate of meatballs sold for $ 29,000. This price is quite expensive compared with meatballs sold by other sellers. But Rusmini gives warranty on dish of meatballs hers. When calculated for each entry for the festival which was held during 1 to 2 weeks, Rusmini can even pocketed $ 200 million from the sale of the meat.

"To be pitted with a taste of other meatballs. I guarantee, the beef flavor is more pronounced. This is the key. The meatballs certainly delights of the flavor the meatballs to gravy delights. Customers will come naturally, "he added.

Rusmini confessed, Meatball-Meatball made has a comparison of beef more than flour used as a dough. Medium to gravy broth, beef leg wear Rusmini 2.4 for added flavour. "The broth from stew beef was so deliciously 2.4 since in 2.4 it is marrow, a lot of people are like," ulasnya while returning to serve buyers.
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