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November 22 2014


Of Lontong Rusmini until Radja Meatballs.

Busy churning out a large pot Rusmini contains hot gravy. In front of him, some people waiting in line to sample the Meatball portion of dijajakannya. Yes, the name Rusmini getting bounced after food stalls with name ' Lontong Rusmini ' a lot of known people. This time it was different, he was hawking rice cake but the meatballs. But stick with the same expectations, the food dijajakannya of conduct and acceptable.

"The meatballs into food  bonuses I offer each there are festivals like this," he said in Jakarta served as Street Food Festival 14-30 November 2014, La Piazza, Kelapa Gading.

Everyday, Rusmini indeed peddling lontong sayur but if there's a Meatball festival hawker, making it easier for more favorable votes. "As the name ' R ', this being the meatballs meatballs with flavours such as taste of the King (the most delicious) and so my expectation was achieved. Many people who love and practice once, "says the woman birth 1967.

In the entry for the culinary festival, Rusmini could sell an average of up to 400 servings per day. One serving contains large meatballs Meatballs Radja uric option and fill the eggs, 4 meatballs small veins and one knows the contents of the meatballs and rice vermicelli.

A plate of meatballs sold for $ 29,000. This price is quite expensive compared with meatballs sold by other sellers. But Rusmini gives warranty on dish of meatballs hers. When calculated for each entry for the festival which was held during 1 to 2 weeks, Rusmini can even pocketed $ 200 million from the sale of the meat.

"To be pitted with a taste of other meatballs. I guarantee, the beef flavor is more pronounced. This is the key. The meatballs certainly delights of the flavor the meatballs to gravy delights. Customers will come naturally, "he added.

Rusmini confessed, Meatball-Meatball made has a comparison of beef more than flour used as a dough. Medium to gravy broth, beef leg wear Rusmini 2.4 for added flavour. "The broth from stew beef was so deliciously 2.4 since in 2.4 it is marrow, a lot of people are like," ulasnya while returning to serve buyers.
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Black Pasta Is a pioneer in Solo

If processed usually yellowish cream colored pasta, a restaurant in Solo, Central Java, innovating, the Black pasta Pasta.

As the name implies, this pasta is black. Black pasta chef works of The Sunan Hotel Solo is claimed is the first Solo.

As with any other pasta made from durum, semolina or flour, eggs and water are mixed and formed into noodles and seasoning cooked sauce. Black on Black squid ink Pasta is derived from which is mixed into the pasta dough.

Black Pasta menu has  several variants, namely Seafood Black Pasta, Tri Color and Scallop Char Creme Sauce, a Pasta de Monza Pappardele Served with Beef, Black Aglios'olio Pasta, Penne Pomodoro Black and Served with Tuna Loin, as well as Black Pasta Spaghetti and Chicken Provencal Served with ala Fungi SC.

Public Relations Manager of The Sunan Hotel Solo, Retno Wulandari, convey that the launch of this new menu allows to enrich the corpus of food and drink, and gave rise to new creations that are owned. "We are ready to respond to market dynamics with creativity and of course, quality human resources to be the key," said Retno in Solo, Wednesday (21/11/2014).

For those of you who are curious to taste the Black Pasta, this menu is available in the Indo Asian Dining Narendra The Sunan Hotel Solo, starting at 10.00 am to 22.00 pm. All kinds of menu Black Pasta dibanderol Rp48 range in the thousands per serving.
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Yogya Canangkan Culinary Oil Free Jelantah

The City Health Department implemented a certification system
in order to regulate all activities of culinary activities involving business group class walk five to hospitality.

Certification refers to curbing the use of jelantah oil or oil used to FRY have been worn more than twice a very potentially pose health problems for consumers. Like trigger cancer and stroke due to blockage of blood vessels.

"For the first pilot project program culinary along Malioboro Street, and then spread to the restaurant, catering, and hospitality," said the head of the City Health Office Vita Yulia interrupted the groundbreaking of Malioboro as healthy culinary region, on Friday, November 21, 2014.

From the groundbreaking, a Board written marker signs ' Malioboro healthy without the use of cooking oil over and over again ' implanted in front of the offices of the Department of culture of DIY. The inauguration of the healthy   food that's done Vice-mayor Yogyakarta Priest Priyono. (Read: cooking while dancing a la Martion)

VITA said the certification made his coaching that is not stiff but still keep an eye on officers spread routine field even without bound sanctions if violations were found. Malioboro cross-legged or stalls in which orderly manage use of assessed oil suitable an appeal-jelantahnya used a maximum of two times the frying pan – will be given a special marker stickers.

"Sticker on the culinary stalls has been orderly and want sign of it being built directly for tourists in order to select which incoming secure category consumption in the process of cooking," said Vita.

For merchants who insist in the use of assessed jelantah, City Government only gives moral sanction that is not going to give a security marker sticker on his stall. "The moral Judgment that was more than enough," he said.

In the Malioboro area, including toll roads in it, spread over approximately 150 's culinary activity both during the day and night. "Of the total food traders there 30 's sizable and potentially put jelantah over and over again, can use more than five times," said representative associations of traders culinary Malioboro, Sogi Wiryanto.

Sogi adds culinary Malioboro, merchants have a particular pattern in managing oil gorengnya. Traders typically take (update) the oil every three days via courier subscription. "Five quarts of oil to once among the stalls in size small-medium," he said.
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Fish Community Kinship Pererat Se Paga

In addition to having a wealth of charm, white-sand beaches of the South coast of Paga, approximately 40 kilometres west of the town of Maumere, has a wealth of unique, i.e. sea fish se. By local Red fish is called mbarase and petrol known as wogi.

If it ever crosses the South coast of Sikka, Ende, Maumere-majors when he arrived at the Paga, you'll see wogi in bottled mineral water. This is typical of hand fruit Paga.

SE only preserved with salt to taste, then stored in bottles. Wogi in bottle that can be eaten directly, complements the menu family meals at home.

But the local people always include menu recipe that taste more delicious wogi. Wogi chili diulek were interfered with the onion and garlic, basil leaves and lime wedges.

This simple processed flavor is sure to keep you hooked with wogi. Please come to Paga with Rp 50,000, you've been able to bring home to the home of wogi Paga.
These fish really belong to the Paga. How not, the coastal areas of the South, such as Lela, Sikka, Doreng and other regions did not have fish se. this fish exists only in Paga.

This fish has existed since hundreds of years ago. In the past, when the fish se arrived (December, January, or February), depending on the position of the Moon, not just residents of the coastal fish menangakap se. thousands of residents of the mountainous region also went down to the beach and catch fish se by emiya Shiro, capture tool of traditional rattan weave a long funnel-shaped.

Be catching fish se or mbarase, the season in which friendship, kinship between residents of the beach and the mountain is built very well. Lately the family values began to fade even among fellow citizens own beach.
Why is there a dispute? It turned out to be because the capture tool named emiya Shiro. Most residents still maintains the tradition, using a capture tool emiya Shiro, but most other citizens think more practical and easier to use nets.

Residents who use fish pulled over in waits j4wzor Beach, while users pick up the fish net se in the middle of the sea. NET users are of course more lucky and get a lot, while the user gets fewer fish emiya Shiro.

Although not a primary livelihood, fish se for local communities have a tradition of value. But some leave this tradition. This is what gives rise to conflicts between the citizens of Mbengu.

Residents of the village Mbengu, Mauloo, Monday (17/11/2014) in the presence of members of the DPRD Sikka Siflan Angi complained of unfair nets capture tool for other citizens.

Citizens also enlisted the help of the Government to intervene in the hold as much as possible, so that the tradition j4wzor catching mbarase by emiya Shiro retained as ancestral traditions society Paga.

Angi Siflan, a member of PARLIAMENT's original Mauloo, Sikka Paga, it says, dahalu fish se can only be captured by women. Men are prohibited. But that tradition disappears and everyone can now capture at will, even with the use of the net.

"For me, catch fish using nets that greedy people. But I as a person Paga, shame if we fuss because fish se, "said Siflan.

Siflan asking the community to discuss this issue of cross village in Kecamatan Paga. Discuss how to establish the tradition of catching fish se inherited ancestor, using emiya Shiro and only performed by women.

"This tradition should be preserved. I think helps prepare 100 emiya Shiro and we should form a new group used to be handed out, "such Siflan Angi.
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November 15 2014


Delicious, Fresh From the Oven

Sa'Pore Cake kitchen in Bebekan Street number 08 Kedungwuni offers a wide variety of modern cake that can be enjoyed directly from pemanggangnya aka fresh from the oven.

"We are providing various types of cake and cake fresh from the oven, modern," says store manager, Ali Musa (34).

Conceptualize it shops in such a way, so that consumers can see it when the construction was indeed a cake that cake is still warm. "Our cake is a cake fresh from the oven, so we made the cake directly here so that the cake is still warm. We make store like this with destination so that buyers can see firsthand our daily preoccupation with our homemade pastries, "he explained.

Mentioned it to serve a large party cake in order. Assisted with some of the employees, it is also ready to order a birthday cake
and the cake nikahan.

"In addition to the buy direct per unit, we also purchase ready to serve at once in large quantities. It means we are ready to accept orders in large party cakes. But for this we hope buyers contacting far-distant day, either by phone or direct. For cakes or ornamental cake as a birthday cake and wedding cake we are also ready to serve, "pungkasnya
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Cookbook Green Chilli Cob Chicken Porridge

Cooking recipes – mackerel cue that is sauteed with sliced into an appropriate complement to the soft and savoury porridge this. Hearty breakfast menu that fit this morning most pas enjoyed while hot. For you who like spicy Chili, cayenne pepper can be a good friend.

5 packs of instant chicken porridge
1000 ml hot water
200 grams of tuna cue, cut into pieces
5 grains of red onion, sliced
3 cloves garlic, sliced
5 large green chilies, finely sliced oblique
2 pieces of bay leaf
1 stalk Lemongrass, white part taken, bruised
1 teaspoon shrimp paste, baked
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper powder
3/4 teaspoon granulated sugar
3 tablespoons oil for sautéing

How to make:

Heat the oil. Saute onion, garlic, green pepper, bay leaf, big and Lemongrass until fragrant.
Stir in tuna cue. Mix well. Add the shrimp paste, salt, pepper powder, and sugar. Mix well. Cook until done.
Stir chicken and seasoning of instant porridge with hot water. Stir until thickened. Serve pureed with COB green chilies.
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the most delicious sambal in Indonesian number 2

"Not everyone is able to make a tasty condiment." Statement that presumably very fitting for you fans of spicy cuisine with chilli sauce as a main dish. Various variants of bottled  chili sauce is now offered with typical spicy sambal cobek sensation.

"It's the most basic menu Sambal. Almost every meal includes Chili, "says Yayak justifying making sauce packaging. Yayak Eco Cahyanto (37) is the maker of Sambal Bu Susan from Bali in 2010. His brand was introduced to Sambal Sambal Bu Susan which is taken from the name of the wife of Yayak, Yeni Nur Susanty.

Condiment recipes Yayak creations inspired by the Balinese sambal matah which are then cooked the sauce so it last longer. Sambal matah cooked able to survive up to three days or a day longer than original. sambal matah

"Terenak No. 2 in Indonesia". That sentence is listed on the plastic bottled sambal Sambal branded Bu Susan. "Terenak number two because it was already number one soy sauce." Yayak start a business with a capital of Rp 300,000. Sambal with plastic cup packaging contents 100 ml dibanderol Usd 10,000 per cup. Because packaging cup often make chili sauce spilled, Yayak then switch to wear plastic bottle tightly and secure the contents of 150 ml. The price became more expensive, $ 22,500 per cup. Now, in one day, Yayak produce sambal 100 bottles or 3,000 bottles per month.

Yayak provides six variant of sambal chilli, the onion, anchovies, shrimp, anchovies, Huntersville, and shrimp paste. He wears a chilli from Klungkung on the recommendation of the Rojak seller she says most poignantly, while terasinya comes from Puger, Jember, East Java. Not only Bali, Sambal Bu Susan has also penetrated Jakarta, Bandung, and abroad. "I'm exploring opportunities contracts with supermarkets in Jakarta," said Yayak.
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